Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Jailbait Roundup

Been wondering what the young, pretty and famous have been getting up to recently let's take a look.

Ariel Winter

It seems she has mostly been continuing to look absolutely gorgeous and continuing her thing on Modern Family.

Christina Robinson

Changed her hair still looking hot as hell.

Bella Thorne

Has been busy cranking out the films you can see her in The Duff and and soon on Perfect High.

So what gorgeous famous jailbait have you been following in the entertainment news. Answers down there in the comments. We like to hear from you and if you mention someone we know then I don't see why we can't do a gallery all about them.

Thursday, 7 May 2015


Sprayed in jizz all over some pretty, pretty celebs. Yes folks we're back with some wonderful offerings from the Cum Tribute community. If you're new to this and are liking what you see (if you don't then try our other posts) then your best bet is to look at either of the two big forums for cum tributes through using Bing for reliable adult content related results or heading straight over to Xhamster.com and just typing a high profile female celebrity followed by "cum tribute" and scrolling through the results.


Gemma Atkinson still super hot though not doing the lad mags shoots anymore. Mostly keeps her clothes on during the horror films I've checked her out in too. Has come a long way from Hollyoaks as that cute teen.


Ashley Tisdale the blonde bombshell last scene in a major role on CWs ill fated Hellcats cheerleader show is now doing big things as a producer and spending less time in front of the cameras which is very bad for us. Still she makes enough public appearances at Premieres to keep cum artists stocked up on materials for years.


Cum artist getting very excited over Jailbait Princess Ariel Winter, how do guys and interested girls in her school even get through the day. Those boys toilets must be backed up with semen good grief. She seems pretty cool too as she has been forced to grow up on screen which apart from the cash has to suck and not in a good way.

Well we've cum to the end of the line so go clean off your keyboards and rest your naughty bits for our next post.

Sunday, 26 April 2015

INSTAGRAM Has Porn? + A Video

So I've recently been using a bit of Instagram on my other projects to maximise my social media integration and other similar buzz words and phrases. Does it drive anymore hits to my sites, perhaps it will take awhile for it to be truly be measured. 

Anyway while I was messing looking through tags to see which would get my follower account up I came across a number of adult images which surprised me especially after getting the the dedicated instagram account for this wonderful site deleted without warning or explanation with images that were a lot more tame.

There seem to be a few tag/keywords that those in the know use if they're on the looking out for dicks, tits and butts and remember there are short video clips on Instagram now so there is no end to the creativity you might see. 

So below I put down some tags for you to use if you want to see what I'm talking about of course the NSFW warning goes without saying people as well as the Sausage Factory warning you are far more likely to see guys showing off, then porn gifs and finally a few women showing off in that order. 

These tags should get you started:


I know I usually don't write to much so I thought I would leave you guys a treat for bearing with me a gorgeous webcam model with the cutest voice ever and a few other things going for her.


Tuesday, 21 April 2015


WCW = Women Crush Wednesday

So Reina Scully is a YouTuber and a translator for CrunchyRoll and absolutely adorable.

She is now one of the two primary hosts on the Phillip Defranco's Gaming channel. She is also a contributor to SourceFed and SourceFedNerd

The reason that I decided to feature her was the recent poster she chose to bring out but you're not ready for that yet check these out.

That is sooo afternoon sex hair

Soo cute

Who doesn't love charity

And then a Wild and Very Sassy Reina appears.

You can believe I am ordering that on my next payday. This came out of nowhere I don't think any of the fans saw this coming but we ain't exactly mad at the results. A Japanese speaking, anime loving, funny girl? Did not think those existed outside of the harem genre.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Blonde Hottie Is Hot

She is a total cutie check these pictures out. Don't you just love when Facebook randomly shows you a total hottie. Apparently she's from Australia definitely looks like she should be on Home and Away with that beach body.

This is a beauty that should be tributed don't you guys think?

A-Z Of Adult Entertainment - L Is For Legs

Legs I feel are sometimes underrated, I'm an abs man myself which seems a little less popular than Tits and Ass. Just because I like abs doesn't mean I don't check out legs when they are worth the time. So I have done my best to gather some leggy celeb pictures to best show my point.

Chloe Moretz

Victoria Justice

Elle Fanning

So how were those legs? Comments and shares welcome let's build up the community shall we?

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Cum Tribute Time

It has been a little while since out last cum tribute post. So let's take the time to feature some actresses who don't often appear on the popular cum blogs.


British actress Gemma Atkinson, a K-POP star and American actress Danielle Panabaker. I guess Gemma initially got a lot of tributes awhile ago when she was doing men's magazines photoshoots but not so much since she went the serious actress route. The other two I have not seen too many examples of.

Side Note: A few cum artists are retiring which is unfortunate but leaves the way open for new guys to get out there and promote their work. So who knows we might get some new bloggers to add to my Follow list.


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