Monday, 23 March 2015

Indian Girls Are Hard To Find

This is even more the case when you are trying to find decent adult content featuring Indian and other South-East Asian women. I've managed to find some example of some very light teasing on webcam by a couple of cute Indian girls.

Check it out I did a lot of research to find them but I get that it could be better.



Friday, 13 March 2015

Muscles Make Me Masturbate

Nothing quite like a real life superhero to give me an instant stiffy and these girls are good examples.


Absolutely gorgeous.


This one is something special. I don't know why women with muscles get marginalised so much with all that BS about not being feminine enough. Those ladies above are beautiful. Hopefully there will be more fitness related posts coming up.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

A-Z Of Adult Entertainment - K Is For K-Pop

KPOP is a term that encompasses modern pop music coming out of South Korea and is well known for its girl and boy bands generally called Idols. It is not just big in Korea but also does huge business in Japan, China and parts of the US.

KPOP is interesting when you take a larger look at South Korean culture and realise that porn is illegal there and then that whole scene makes a crazy kind of sense, they sexualised their music scene much faster than we did in the West and the results are awesome.

I don’t have time to feature all the lovely ladies of KPOP so let’s feature a few of the hotter ones.

Jun Hyoseong

Jun Hyoseong (aka Hyosung) is the lead singer of Secret a South Korean Girl group. 

For some reason she seems to be rather popular even for your average K-Pop Idol.


G. NA (Gina Jane Choi) is a Canadian Singer who is based in South Korea and looks like this.

To truly get a feel for K-Pop you should really check out a video this is apparently one of the more risque ones but that is by Korean standards I'll let you judge for yourself.

We'll definitely be returning to the theme of K-Pop in upcoming posts so stay tuned and remember when it comes to Adult Entertainment K is for K-Pop.

Monday, 2 March 2015


Thanks to fellow Blogger Looping for letting us know that Google has decide to climb down from their crazy decision to try and remove all adult content from its blogging framework Blogger. What that means for you is that we're staying which is great because sorting through over a hundred posts to make sure they're working right sounded like a nightmare.

So no new website just this site and hopefully more great posts that you're going to love.


In honour of that let's celebrate with this cute video of a couple of girls making out for an audience perhaps a video chat site or a friend who knows? I was intrigued but alas no more information to share. So look forward to getting new content from us and I hope we can look forward to more shares, comments and tweets about our content.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Blog Lives On But Moving Platforms

So you may or may not know Google is shutting down all Adult Content on Blogger. That's a problem for us as we're hosted on Blogger. The good news is that as soon as we learned about it I made sure I grabbed a backup. That backup can be moved to a new blogging site but of course it won't be that easy. A lot of the content we have is uploaded to Google so I don't know how that will work on the new blog.

We will try our hardest to keep the old content and of course any new content should go up fine subject to us learning how best to use the new site. We'd love to stay as Blogger for us is the best and easiest to use platform out there but Google has other plans.

As to where next I can confirm we won't be moving to Tumblr because I'm really not a fan of their interface.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Webcam Wednesday

So as the name suggests let's check out some videos.

Where would we be without girls practicing their dance skills at home?

Not sure if she is a professional webcam model. Thoughts?

You guys like girls in bikinis right?

So hope you liked the update we are working on the next in our series of A-Z of Adult Entertainment.

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Throwback Thursday: Let's Give It a Try

A redhead I used to know.

She is something special don't you think?

And because you guys and girls have been so nice in getting those numbers up let's have another.

Very cute teen from way back when.


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