Monday, 25 July 2016

Celebs Thoughts On Dick Pics and Masturbating To Them

You might have thought given the previous post that this was planned as the themes are similar. You'd be wrong though I am nowhere near that well organised still this is a nice coincidence. The first reason for this post was a YouTube Vlog that blew up on my timeline.

In the above video as that Title suggests Meg does touch briefly on that question and her response to it. There's a fairly impressive argument over on her channel about whether the Title is Clickbait and then of course what does the term "Clickbait" mean/include. If you're interested in my thoughts leave a comment and I'll put my view but for now we've got a lot to cover.

At 14:35 she answers the question with a sort of hands off approach just watch for yourself as I've even given you the timestamp. I just thought it would be crazy of me not to highlight something like this after going on and on about it in my posts and on Twitter etc. I even asked Magda Apanowicz something similar when I got to interview her for this very blog.

Things took an interesting turn last night when I had another interesting conversation spring up on my timeline this time from actress Tina Majorino who you might know from Veronica Mars or True Blood. She was talking about someone who had a very strange request.
The discussion goes on for awhile those are just some of the highlights it is definitely worth a click and a scroll but it seems clear she's not a fan. I did actually ask her what were her thoughts about men and women masturbating while thinking about her but she didn't respond.

These are just two very attractive women in a sea of celebrity but it is nice to get their thoughts.

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Do We Prefer Fantasising About Celebrities?

That title is a little awkward because there is a lot I am trying to get across.

I argue that in these days or easy access to adult content that when it comes to fantasising (yes and masturbation too) boys and girls tend to gravitate to celebrities and New Media Stars. What has lead to this? Whereas 10 years ago it might be that mystery hot blonde from a poster or a male model looking extra good in his Calvin Klein's that really set pulses racing.

There seems to be more of a need or desire to connect to the object of your desire on a superficial level. Yep we can blame Social Media all the way back to MySpace to now. Celebrities have followers now that they can connect with directly, followers who can be mobilized into an army for good or ill.

Look at YouTube which can pull people up from obscurity through a mix of hustle and luck. Trust a guy who searches through adult content the amount of stuff around YouTube and New Media Stars is staggering and a lot more numerous than stuff about say Porn Stars.

The name of the video ensured I had to pick it

That could be down to people wanting to actually use their imagination. You hope to see that YouTuber or actress in a bikini or sexy cosplay you imagine what they look like from that time they wore that cute outfit. You're actively engaging your brain to imagine the possibility instead of typing say Gianna Michaels into the search bar of your preferred Porn Engine.


I don't know about you but I think people willing to imagine is generally a good thing and is to be encouraged though obviously it is a double edged sword. The harassment of celebrities by anonymous people online or the harassment of others "on behalf of" celebrities is not a new thing and it is something I wish we could end.

I think maybe Asia got to it first with their whole Idol culture, people who are just there to adored by the masses (and sell loads of merch). They are famous for being famous or attractive which is something a significant part of the West still rails against even as the House Kardashian thrives.

Just a thought from yours truly something to think about.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Webcam Roundup Featuring Tits & Dicks

Always impressive to see the amount of content out there based around anonymous webcam sites such as your omegles etc. There is a lot to sift through that caters to a pretty broad range of tastes. Hopefully the ones featured will appeal to you.

Several encounters between penis and girls. Featuring cumshots and epic cleavage.

Big Dick, Awesome Boobs

Big Dicks, Cumshots and Girls' Reactions

So hope you like the videos comments are welcome have a good weekend.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

I've Been Busy - #CelebGoo Compilation

So glad I've got my printer up and running with some Ink but now I'm worried about how quickly I am working my way through it. Anyway I am doing it for you the fans and readers so it is definitely worth it. Check out some of the better dick and cum tributes I've managed to do since I started again.

Jillian Rose Reed from Awkward.

Olesya Rulin from High School Musical/Powers


Stella Maeve from Chicago PD/The Magicians

And last but by no means least Holland Roden from Teen Wolf

Well that is a whole lot of Boy Luv flying around I guess it is about time to rest and replenish. Look forward to at least another post like this there is still some cock and cum tributes that I left out of this post.

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Colour Moi Chic Is Sexy Smart

Acquaintance of the site and generally nice and very smiley person Julia Fang is pretty darn talented. If it isn't the arts and crafts stuff, the kicking tail on T-shirt design contests she's also doing good work in Cosplay which we'll examine here. If you want to check out her other stuff you can see all her stuff or get links to it from her Facebook Page.

So if you want to learn more about what Colour Moi Chic you could start by checking out her Twitter or if you're feeling super trendy you can take a look at her Instagram. There is also YouTube as you can see below, she's a seriously busy lady.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Results Of The Poll Plus Word From The Editor

So the results of the Poll has been in and we have to talk about it. Maude Garrett came out on top of the poll and while preparing our cum tribute I actually managed to find that there were actually a couple other new tributes for the Aussie TV/Radio Presenter.

After we tweeted out the pictures first via Twitter @HeroicFanboy we were contacted by Maude herself and asked to remove the post and as I have mentioned before we are here to celebrate not denegrate so we removed it from Twitter. It is not something she should have to see there if she does not want to.

We will host the images here for the people who took the time to vote.

So here we have our YouTube/New Media Poll Winner Maude Garrett

Other than this small issue I am so happy that we're back to doing Cum Tributes and highlighting the lesser known Beauties on the Internet, TV and Film.

You can follow Maude Garrett on Twitter @maudegarrett Instagram @maudegarrett

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Vote For Which YouTuber Gets #CELEBGOO

Hey again thought it was worth a quick post for you loyal readers to check out things a nice little project you're hopefully be interested in. This is one of our latest posts which we would really like you to take a look at and vote on.

We can print out new images and I'm eager and readyto pull out the business and start making art but the question is which of these New Media Stars would you like to see first. The very nature of the Blog is to highlight personalities you may not have been aware of so maybe some pictures and a little info might help.

Steff Woodburn
I know Steff from her work with Geek & Sundry where she regularly presents but she is also an actress and dancer. She has a very exotic look and I thought the community might be drawn to that I know I am.

Ashly Burch
YouTuber, Voice Talent and Actor, Burch is probably most well known for Hey Ash Watcha Playin and her work on RocketJump. She's also that quirky beautiful girl you wish you made friends with at school or that girl who is the friend of the guy on that show who would be entirely preferable to the so called girl of his dreams.

Maude Garrett 
Maude Garrett is a TV and New Media presenter and well known for her geek cred and love and devotion to all things Star Wars. She's also a regular fixture on SourceFed and SourceFedNerd If you can go back and watch/listen to her stuff on the Jedi Alliance Podcast it is worth doing if you're a fan. There's also her site GeekBomb.

So take a look and decide who you should vote for, come on its more appealing than following the US Presidential race.


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