Friday, 17 October 2014

Quick Break: Showing Some Celeb Love

It was not my intention to make every post on here be from the A-Z of Adult Entertainment it is more that they will be mixed in with regular posts so in keeping with that I figure it is time to show off some work from an up and coming artist. So check that out while you brainstorm what F might stand for.

So the first fine young actress was Jillian Rose Reed of MTV's Awkward while you can see the second actress Tina Majorino in TNT's Legends with Sean Bean.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

A-Z OF Adult Entertainment - E Is For Ejaculation

Here we go after continuing our series into all things kinky and we all knew that we would get here right? What is more impressive is that even after this there is so much more to do so let's talk about all things Ejaculation.

A man with a lot of love to give to Agent Scully seemingly having been saving it up since X-Files was cancelled.

A young guy and an incredibly fit MILF who gets him all over her.

A man who I can only describe as a specialist who manages so much cum I wonder if there was some special effects work after this was originally filmed.

So that's that for now go grab that kleenex and hope you get it all our from between the keys. Have you been enjoying our features on A-Z, comments appreciated. Keep horny.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

A-Z Of Adult Entertainment - D IS FOR DICK

Can't go all that long in Adult Entertainment (har har har) without the subject of dick coming up. So below we have some videos around the subject of the penis. How are people liking our A-Z feature some comments would be appreciated. Hope to post a bit more in the coming weeks but I can't promise anything.

Friday, 5 September 2014

A-Z Of Adult Entertainment - C IS FOR CELEBRITY

It seems that it couldn't be a better time in my A-Z of Adult Entertainment that we come to C which is for Celebrity. Over the weekend all hell broke loose when a hacker managed to compromise the iCloud accounts of 100 celebrities and unleash a number of compromising photos that they would rather have remained private. 

You won't find those pictures here because I'm not looking to get my site shut down or worse sued into even more poverty than I currently find myself it had to be said though cause no one likes an elephant in the room.

Anyway on to the topic proper Celebrities many years ago when I looked exactly as I do now (you didn't know I was immortal) back when The X-Files ruled the TV airwaves Gillian Anderson was the most popular celebrity on the Internet with Anna Kournikova slowly chasing  down her lead when she came to prominence. Now we have Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence vying for most popular Celebrity on the net.

Celebrities are that example of a goal that is just outside of our grasp they appear in our homes. You can write to them for autographs perhaps see them at one of dozens of conventions and signing events. You grow up with them and crush on them endlessly.

So who is your favourite Celebrity? Answers in the comment maybe we can make a poll out of the results. In closing check out some celebrities who actually consented to being viewed in the buff.
Olesya Rulin yeah that songwriter from High School Musical

Kiera Knightley going topless for Interview Magazine

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

A-Z of Adult Entertainment - B IS FOR BOOBS

B is for Boobs

Boobs, glorious boobs. Ore breasts if you are a more refined gentleman it is hard to go far in all things adult without running into a pair or two. Big, small, enhanced, pierced there are all manner of variations for men and women alike to salivate over.

Sometimes they're pert.

Sometimes they're huge


 And sometimes they are right there just out of reach 



So hey guys we're back with a new feature that we hope you'll enjoy. It is pretty self explanatory but to be clear we go through the alphabet and highlight subjects from around the world of Adult Entertainment, the things that we like to feature here. So why don't we start at the beginning.

A is for Amateurs

Amateurs generate a great deal of content in one form or another not just the traditional horny couples with their webcams. Amateurs will likely turn up in other posts but this one is all about them.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Whose Hot - Trends In The Community

So I don't really write a lot here but I thought it was worth it to discuss some of the trends I have been seeing the kinkier areas of the net. For instance in the realms of Tributes I have noticed a lot of attention to the actresses of Game Of Thrones, of course this has been going on over months going back to when the show was finishing up its current season. The surprising thing though was who came out on top in terms of popularity.

She really seems to appeal to a variety of cum tributers certainly as much if not more as Sophie Turner. I think it has to do with her web presence like appearing on YouTube shows and the fact that she is pretty damn cute. Maybe after I've done a bit of searching through her pictures and sorted my ongoing printer troubles I might do a tribute of her too.

Anyway that is all for this post other than to say that there will be one other text heavy post coming in the near future and to remind visitors that there is a poll going on easily viewable on the right of site so choose one of those gorgeous under rated actresses and click on the Vote button. Remember we do actually listen to feedback so if you got the time to write it we have the time to read it and if needed reply.

Score One for the UK.


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