Tuesday, 25 April 2017

CELEB GOO: Molly Quinn Fake Gets Cum Tribute

Not all of you may be familiar with the photoshop manipulations aka Fakes of celebrities out there. For me I think they started out in the wilder days of the Internet where sites were driving traffic to themselves claiming to have fakes of all the favourite young celebrities in the hope of keeping them around to go check out their real content or to subscribe to their premium content. 

Now that the world has moved on and far more amateurs are training with photoshop and the like there are a lot more fakes out there a sizeable minority of which are really well done so I wouldn't be surprised if some of you out there like me had your favourite fake of a certain celebrity. 

The thing that surprised me most though recently is just how many fakes there are of actress Molly Quinn known for her role in Castle, seriously I have found dozens and dozens of her and always seem to see one or more new ones when I take the time to look so I figured it was about time I left my mark on one of my favourite depictions of the blue eyed, red haired goddess. Check it out below.

A man can dream

Dream a well aimed wet dream

So there it is my cum tribute for a fake of Molly Quinn, if you liked it maybe leave a comment or get in touch with me through the following Social Media if perhaps you too have a favourite celeb flame haired or otherwise that you'd like to see tributed.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

CELEB GOO: Ellary Porterfield Cum Tribute

Ellary Porterfield is an actress known for appearing on YouTube channel RocketJump and for starring in Video Game High School. That was the show that I noticed her on and instantly fell for her, I love redheads and though she sits on the honey blonde border I include her in that group. I had been waiting ages to do a tribute for her but finally got a new ink cartridge out so had to print out a photo and get to work.

Do you have any favourite redhead actresses?
Answers in the comments.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Morgan Lee Is My Kind Of Girl

Morgan Lee is a rather gorgeous Asian Pornstar who I just happened to find while conducting some research.

So let's check out some choice videos showing what she does best.

First up is this massage parlour setting videos that was I saw a lot of when I was looking at CFNM stuff awhile ago. It does have something about it.

And this next one is where it gets a little crazy as the tiny Asian takes on 10 well endowed guys leading to a rather sticky end as you will see.

So what did you think? Feel free to comment on Morgan or talk about your own favourite pornstars in the comments.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

Laid Back Weekend Gallery Post

So lay back and relax, maybe put on "Summertime" by DJ Kazz Jeff & Fresh Prince and enjoy the pictures.

You're welcome.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

JAILBAIT: The New Class feat Lexee Smith, Teilor Grubbs, MarielsMusic & Jordyn Jones

Four fantastic girls who make up this edition of JAILBAIT: The New Class which you can check out below we will have to see who will make the change out of the Junior League and become a star in their own right when they get past 18.

Lexee Smith

Lexee Smith is a find from other celebrity fan sites and seems to do as good job of promoting herself through Social Media hanging out with other teen stars.
AGE: 15

Teilor Grubbs

I remember when this hot little Hawaiian was a little kid in the first few seasons of the Hawaii Five O reboot, which I watch regularly, now she's kicking ass on Instagram and doing the exotic looking hot teen thing like a champ.
AGE: 15


Youtuber and singer starting out though with a decent following on Musical.ly which is outside of social media wheelhouse she has a decent start of a following on Instagram but she's here because she is gorgeous in my view and I'm the one writing this article.
AGE: 14

Jordyn Jones

Jordyn Jones is another dancer, singer, youtuber who might be invisible to whole swathes of demographics but somehow I think not going under the radar for horny teen boys and girls with those girl next door good looks and gorgeous brown eyes.AGE: 16

Which on of these talented young ladies are your favourite if any? Answers in the comments. Have a great Thursday.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sci-Fi Sirens Third Strike

Science Fiction and sex are hard to separate, of course this comes from a kid who watched Barbarella and Heavy Metal pretty young so my perspective may be warped. So as we continue our series highlighting the hottest aspects of Sci-Fi on TV. Let's jump in and afterwards see if you can possibly disagree with me that Sci-Fi is SEXY.

Amanda Righetti

First up we have Amanda Righetti probably best known for her role on The Mentalist but on this list for her role major role in Colony. At first look Colony isn't what springs to mind when you think of Sci-Fi but that is because it takes a more cerebral route. We barely see aliens mostly we just see there tech and the near absolute control they seemingly wield. I like Righetti in this role because she is just so damn fierce, though one might argue that I'm going to like her in most roles because she is absolutely gorgeous. Examine the evidence below.


Olesya Rulin

Olesya Rulin is a superhero, yup she really got to be one on Powers where she played a troubled young woman who realises her burning desire to gain superpowers. She also wears a rather impressive costume that shows off exactly how buff she got for the role.

Sarah Power

Sarah Power is known for a variety of roles but first came to my attention on the Syfy show Killjoys as the Doc who sometimes helped out our lead trio. I won't say anymore if you haven't watched to not get to spoilery. She also had some great roles on other shows as you can see below.


Monday, 19 December 2016

Hang Out With Your Dick/Tits Out

Exhibitionism is a very controversial subject when it is tied in with sex. Nudists will argue that for them being nude has nothing to do with sex but most of the time if someone's typing exhibitionist into a porn engine they are looking for something titillating.

For a while there flashing your bits on webcams on omegle and the like was huge but it has fallen off a bit in recent times due to crackdowns (which may or may not still be in force) and the horny folks have moved on to new places a couple of which I would like to talk about.


This is a site where you and a group of people can watch websites together and share audio and video throughout the group. Yep great for start ups and cutting down on the costs of commuting OR great for horny guys and girls to get together for a masturbation marathon. I've checked it out and it can be pretty hot.

  • Great if you have a group you know are online
  • Not much of a social media background by itself
  • International, get horny with your friends all over the world
I feel like Rabb.it is a great little site that I would like to use more but would probably need to do some setup.

That brings up something I have been thinking about. Is there an interest in a Kik group for the blog, it should make feedback ever easier than it is right now.

But before I can start up a group I would need to find some people who would be interested in actually in talking as I need to add people in kik to create a room apparently. If you're interested remember you can e-mail and let me know. Or leave a comment and also consider if you would be interested in a Rabb.it session.


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