Thursday, 13 August 2015

Don't Forget Diana Blake

Last year I did a little feature on an amazing tiny busty webcam who is more than deserving off your time and money. Her name is Diana Blake aka nerdgasmgirl and check out in action below just try NOT to jizz all over your keyboard because you can't sue us we have no money.

Yes they are real and wonderful

o.O o.O o.O

Look at those glorious mounds

And now a video because we love to share.


Sunday, 9 August 2015

Tasty Teens Tantalising Talents

So while I try to sort out the poll from last time you guys and girls should slam your eyeballs against these beautiful videos of teens acting in a carefree manner :)

Just a couple cuties with nice bodies dancing around and acting the fool.


These girls show off their talent for a potential early career choice. With dedication they could make it.


Big Meet Huge. AM I RIGHT?

You fine people have a nice weekend.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Are Erotic Comics Hot?

I have always been a big fans of comics since I was a kid and even then I was aware that at least with the sort of comics I read that the women were just a little bit hotter than most.

Then I got older and discovered Rule 34 and my mind was blown.

So what about comics that are meant to be sexy without relying on showing you all your childhood favourite cartoon characters naked with larger sexy bits than you might have imagined hidden behind their clothes.

Of course it all depends on the quality of the product I've seen some with bad artwork and worse writing but I have tried my best to find an example that you might enjoy. So have a look at the excerpt and if you have the time vote in the poll we added below it.

What Do You Think OF This Comic So Far free polls

Saturday, 18 July 2015

A Wild Flasher Appears!

What is with guys constantly wanting to get their dicks out I just don't get it. I wish someone would build a teleporter to the negative zone where girls were constantly all about flashing their boobs at you it would make for a refreshing change of pace.

Anyway the subject of the day is male flashers so let's get to it.

This first one is a long one set in the back of car which is a new setting.
I'm guessing that is his girlfriend?

This guy is a definite risk taker take a watch and you'll understand.

This girl looks very interested in what is going on in this particular car.

So I've done male flashers in the past so I will try my best to pick out some female flashers hopefully in situations that don't look completely fake. Not sure when I'll be able to put up the post though. Have a good weekend.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

CELEBRITY SCHWING: Alessandra Torresani

I have a special place for Alessandra Torresani in my heart and my spank bank. She just got that effortlessly hot thing going on and is a lolicon's dream. She is also pretty cool to her fans which was especially evident during her time on Caprica when she was pretty much the star. She's been pretty busy during SDCC - Comic Con so I thought it was worth sharing her with the wider community.

That blonde hair REALLY works for her I mean damn. I mostly remember her for a pervy come on she got when she was promoting Caprica I'm as big a perve as the next guy but you got to respect the subject and the people around it was at a SDCC event with kids around.

DAT Ass I don't know whether I'd want to grab it or kneel down and give thanks for being in her presence.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A-Z OF Adult Entertainment - M Is For Muscled Women

It has indeed been a while since we've done an A-Z entry but I am happy to say that doesn't mean we haven't been bringing you some great regular content. Also thanks to the people actually leaving some comments on our posts it helps to motivate us and let us know about the direction we might take the blog.

Anyway let's move onto todays's subject Muscled Women or athletic women it means the same thing in this context. For me it has never been just about big boobs or a big ass, sixpacks are not just things for guys to have in action films and romance book covers.

Let's have a look.

Hot little striptease though it is only down to her bra.

Fitness model with tattoos strips

I may well be the only guy 
who wants to do this but who cares

so what did you think and can you guess what will becoming next in the A-Z of Adult Entertainment.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sensuous Sci-Fi Sirens

Things have changed since I was a kid when the Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows were strictly for the nerds and geeks of the world before anyone realised that those girls and guys ruled the world. As well as laser guns, aliens and star fighters most Sci-Fi shows also generally had one or more gorgeous female leads.

Let's take a look at some of them below.

T'Pol - STAR TREK ENTERPRISE (Jolene Blalock)

When I first saw T'Pol and this particular scene I thought that she was just there as fan service for boys and girls to gawk at she was all glisteny and barely wearing anything. I watched all of Star Trek Enterprise though eventually though and to be fair they only really played up her sexuality a few times for no real reason like those crazy hot evil mirror universe alternate costumes.

Jolene Blalock played the Vulcan and appeared on a fair few other Sci-Fi and Fantasy shows in minor roles and has had a fairly active career since leaving Enterprise.

Rommie - ANDROMEDA (Lexa Doig)

I started watching Andromeda for Kevin Sorbo and the Gene Rodenberry name. It sucked me in though the last two seasons went all the way to crazy town and never came back. I liked Andromeda lots of good female roles with them without them feeling like they were just there as window dressing.

Lexa Doig does good Sci-Fi as a rule it seems most recently she has been a regular on Continuum. She has also appeared in V, Smallville, Stargate SG-1 and Eureka.

Kate Freelander - SANCTUARY (Agam Darshi)

Sanctuary is an awesome show that was made more so by the inclusion of Agam Darshi as the morally grey Kate Freelander. I don't even have to talk about when she briefly became a sort of super villain that was hilarious.

She has also appeared in Ring Of Fire (disaster tv mini-series) Stargate Universe and Stargate Atlantis. Most recently she was in a Canadian procedural called Played.

What other Sci-Fi shows should I check out for gorgeous female characters to feature?


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