Sunday, 15 November 2015

Women Get Horny Too - I Blame Strippers

Thanks to the amazing man behind All Things CFNM (CFNM stands for Clothed Female Naked Male) I have a couple of videos that I think offer an insight into women and their desires. I took this from a post of his on strippers who go all the way. Below we have a couple of private sessions of a kind (they are being filmed after all) and we get to see some rather attractive women inspect some big dick.

I'm all about this particular girl something about her and the way she stares at that dick.

I don't know about the music but she does have a rocking body.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Guys Want Molly Quinn's Dick???

In my many travels throughout this Porn Wonderland I have found a few things that surprise me. I would put the fact that celebrity shemales (futanari for those cultured among you) or putting dicks on females is a really huge thing. Don't get me I thoroughly approve but I think it says something about the fact that normally super straight people seem so fluid in what turns them on.

The title comes from the fact that I'm a Molly Quinn fan and tried to find some examples of her with a dick and found some. It was quite an eye opener even though I know it wasn't exactly to find fake nudes of her. Anyway enough talking let's get to some pictures shall we of Molly and a few other actresses who got the treatment.

What does it say about guys and girls that they fantasize about the cute petite girl characters having giant dicks and what are they fantasizing said actress/characters doing with them. I mean Alexis Castle always seems like a nice girl so random hookup where she pounds you via the backdoor seems unlikely, unless this is some extreme undercover work for the Castle PI Firm.

Maybe some of the answers are here thanks to Allison Scagliotti's Twitter for link

Saturday, 31 October 2015

This Guy Is Starting A Revolution

You know we're a fan of cum tributes here and promoting them so it is not like this niche thing that we're ashamed of, this guy is taking that struggle to the next level in a funny way. Anyway he's called Americano and he hit on the idea of combining flashing girls on those webcam sites with showing them him cumming on pictures and even taking requests.

Extra Internet Points for the sound on this one.

Mmm that middle one is a hottie

I hope he continues bringing these things out, very creative.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

A-Z Of Adult Entertainment - N IS FOR NUDITY

And we all know the best kind of nudity is random celebrity nudity that we previously knew nothing about. So let's have a small look at some actresses you may or may not realise have done nude scenes.

Melissa Benoist

Before she was Supergirl she already had a super body (yep I hate myself).


Katie McGrath

I watched her mostly as Morgana on the BBC's Merlin TV show.

Lacey Chabert

Went from being the cute kid from Party of Five To Total Hottie


Lea Thompson

Howard The Duck, Back To The Future so much awesome for one actress.


So what actress surprised you by showing more than you were expecting answers in the comments. Have a solid weekend.

PLEASE NOTE: Sorry people the Instagram site is down for now as my phone is toast should be up again within a week or so.

Monday, 12 October 2015

WHAT BOYS WANT - Instagram Relaunch

So as you may or may not we have had a rather chequered relationship with our expansion into Instagram. We have had several Instagram accounts which got closed down though so far the current one seems to be doing ok.

However we are not happy with just OK we want more, we want you to be entertained and engaged so we sat down with some tasty, tasty junk food.

And we came up with a plan which is:

  • Daily Updates so followers are rewarded
  • Celebrity postings only for the forseeable future on Instagram
  • Each week will follow a theme in terms of celebrities featured
  • Attempt to contact more actors and Youtubers and hear from them
  • Offer followers exclusive content to their instagram inbox
  • Direct feedback to us through our Instagram account
I hope that intrigues you guys and you'll spread the word. For now we are going to leave our Twitter account as it is as we cross-post all the Instagram posts. Twitter will probably feature more amateur models and maybe the odd link to things we think you might like.

In terms of the blog itself look forward to a return to the A-Z Of Adult Entertainment as well as posts on the wide world of adult entertainment. Thanks to you the readers and followers for helping us to build up this amazing community.

Our Instagram Account Is @boys_want

Monday, 5 October 2015

INTERVIEW WITH Actress Magda Apanowicz

After several years of trying and nearly getting there I have managed to get an interview with an actress on here the talented and seemingly pretty damn open minded Magda Apanowicz so go check it out and maybe check out some of her films and TV series. Huge thanks to her for giving us a chance when others haven't even bothered to reply she is definitely our favourite actress ever.

Magda Apanowicz is a Canadian Actress known for Caprica, Kyle XY and currently appearing on Continuum. 

What are you up to right now?

Right now I’m taking a Lyft to the airport.

Can you tell us about any convention appearances for the rest of the year?

No conventions this year, sadly (I have a lot of fun at them – meetings fans).

We're all about appreciating the female form here so who's your girl
crush if you don't mind us asking?

Girl crushes I have a lot Kat Dennings, Emma Stone, Amber Heard, Kristen Stewart and Avril Lavigne are just a few -haha.

Well this is understandable
Tell us about your new film and where we can catch it?

The Green Inferno is a horror film I shot in the jungles of Peru and the rainforest. It is currently playing in theatres across North America and will soon be coming to theatres around the world.

Have you ever been propositioned at a con whether it be by a member of
the public, another guest or member of the media?

I'd ask her to Netflix and Chill JS
I’ve been hit on by fans and fellow actors before but hey we all hit on people at some point or another. We’re only human. =o)

If you want to get the best pizza or fast food if your choice are you
ordering in Vancouver or LA?

Fast food LA but Pizza – New York or Italy!!!

What are you reading right now?

I don’t read enough anymore (which is a real shame)!! I read scripts as often as I can.

Are there any YA novels to film adaptions that you should be snapped up for?

I’d like to play Calliope Reaper-Jones of Death’s Daughter written by Amber Benson.

I recently watched you in Fatal Memories while checking out your
current run on Continuum both times noting you in tight black
leggings, are the people at wardrobe constantly checking out your ass?

As for wardrobe, I think black is just slimming and it’s the easiest to make the top part of your outfit be colourful. And keep the bottom basic.

In an alternate timeline is there a different part of the
entertainment industry you’d be in?

I’d love to write and produce movies. I’ve been writing in one way or another since I was a kid and have a couple of stories I’d love to make

Andy Jensen was a pretty awesome gamer so what was the last console or
computer game that you managed to complete?

The last game console I played with were the Wii and PlayStation 2 but nothing beats original Nintendo and Super Nintendo – that’s my jam.

Do you consider yourself a sub or a dom?

I’m Dom.

You used to play a cheerleader can you still do a kick flip?

A kick flip is a skateboarding move (editor’s note, I’m an idiot who was rushing to get my questions out) as for cheerleading I still can do a lot of it but I’m sure it is all a bit rusty. That’s a skill you need to work on often to make it look polished.

Do you watch porn?
Don't pretend on this blog
you don't know who this is.
To your Porn question… I love Jenna Jameson

Can you confirm that Ryan Robins is indeed a real human being and not
an android the dude is everywhere he has to be the hardest working man
in Sci-Fi?

I can not confirm Ryan Robins is in fact not an android because I’m still convinced he is. That boy works and works like a machine but what I can say is that he is an incredible person to be around and to act with. Every project can use more RyRo.

Have you checked out much of our blog, do you have anything to say to
our fans (positive or negative we respect all views)?

All I can say to your fans is to make sure to have opinions but don’t ever be mean. I like independent thinkers, even if multiple people agree on the same thing.

Have you ever heard of cum tributes? Are they something that is known
of in the industry?

Don’t know what cum tributes are and I probably don’t want to know. (Absolutely no offence to people who do)

From our team and our readers thanks for your time.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Alyssa Milano #TBT Jailbait Style

Perhaps if you're a younger person than I you'll have been introduced to Alyssa Milano as the REALLY hot sister on Charmed all those years ago obviously you may have caught the reruns but that is the show that launched her into the hearts and/or spank banks of many an adolescent or adult male probably the same could be said for women.

Alyssa was making TV long before then though she had a very long run on a sitcom vehicle for Tony Danza called Who's The Boss which is something I remember as a kid in reruns a few years behind its original broadcasting. We got to see her grow from a teenager to a fine young woman and near the end of that shows run she brought out this particular photoshoot probably looking to transition away from sweet young girl roles.

I definitely think these pictures which I sadly did not see nearer the time helped a lot of people work on their wrist strength. So I guess that makes Alyssa Milano our #WCW via #TBT. You can follow Alyssa Milano on Twitter @alyssa_milano and find out about what she is up to now, you'll notice she's still smoking hot.

BOOM we have that Social Media thing down.


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