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So if you have been following us and managed to miss the furore around the latest twitter poll you must have been living under a rock. Anyway the excitement has somewhat settled down for now but the time has come to announce a winner for the 7 day Poll which featured the most votes we have ever had.

If you were wondering it was 368 votes in total

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Updates & What Happens Next

If you also follow our Twitter account you may have noticed some changes over the past few days. Our account is now protected which means I have to manually approve every new follower. You can find out about the conflict there or you can ask in the comments. I had a long rant about the whole thing but to be honest I don't see what putting it here would achieve.
There is a poll running which started this whole thing which still has a couple days to run.

This is just more of an announcement if you were checking our Twitter Feed on the down low and now you can't and for that I apologise. I am grateful for the support and hope you continue to visit our site and our Instagram

Two Dicks Are Better Than One

What is better than a Cum Tribute? A Cum Tribute with your jerk buddy. Take a closer look at these guys and their very unique collaboration.

Spank Bank Material

Sometime all you need is a little inspiration.

Abigail Breslin


Molly Quinn

Malese Jow

Sarah Chalke

CELEBRITY CUM CARNIVAL: Did We Feature Your Favourite?

Jennette McCurdy

I heard a lot about her before I actually saw her in any shows, I guess iCarly was a massive show. I've seen her in Between and I liked her in that, she is more than a bit odd in her livestreams and other than that I don't really know much about her other than she keeps getting hotter.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell is funny and hot and that is a bit great combo. Heroes, House of Lies and of course Veronica Mars were the shows I saw her.

Lea Michele

I think Lea Michele is underrated in my view there seems to be an inability for the execs to let an actress be gorgeous and funny all at the same time, of course they would argue that viewers are to blame.

Not Another Hot Celebrity Post

Inspired in part by our recent interview with Kanika Lal I've looked through the archives and pulled out some celebrities that demonstrate that diversity is indeed beautiful. So lock yourselves in and try not to get burned by the hotness.

Agam Darshi

Frankie Adams

Logan Browning

Kylie Bunbury