Friday, 9 June 2017


Big ones, little ones, those of any size the only thing necessary to allow us to properly appreciate a great pair of boobs in this gallery is presentation so check below for a selection of the best of the best freshly plucked goodness.

Name your favourite(s) in the comments below.

Friday, 2 June 2017


Due to a fair bit of work on location I had to really push this back but do you my loyal readers remember this Tweet.

Well I finally found a picture of the flame headed hottie Madelaine Petsch that I liked and one of enough quality for Emily Piggford that I could print out and it not go super pixelated and awful so here is the long awaited post.

Sorry for the crazy long wait will definitely try to get polls like this out faster after people have voted.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Boys Want Gallery Opening

Come join us on a virtual tour of our erotic art exhibit. We hope you like it and will confer your good wishes to the artists so let's go. Our theme is bringing performers and fans together.

Haley Lu Richardson was impressed with piece.
"Actors know people see our stuff 
but this kind of feedback is hard to ignore"

Magda Apanowicz was unprepared for the monstrous beast
"If it makes that much of mess on a pic 
not sure I want to meet it in real life... or do I?"

Jillian Rose Reed was just 'unwinding' before the photoshoot.
"Oh that's just from a special fan meet up 
from a few months ago
I'm a pretty good photographer right?"

Molly Quinn seen posing next to her submission to the Cannes Cum Tribute Festival.
"As soon as I met with my collaborator I knew he had the right tool for the job"

So I hope you've enjoyed our little tour feel free to come and stop by again soon and if you have any actresses that you want to see feel free to hit up those comments.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

CELEB GOO: Grace Phipps Won Your Vote And My Wad

Grace Phipps in my opinion is underrated, with some bad luck in potentially break out roles in shows that didn't stand the test of time still I can show a little love to her here so that's what I'll do. I saw her first in The Nine Lives of Chloe King which was based on a YA novel series then went on to check her out in The Vampire Diaries, Teen Beach Movie and horror film Some Kind Of Hate. 

She is definitely more than just another cute disney actress and her incredibly striking blue eyes made me pretty much an instant fan so she was definitely on the list for cum tributes when I had the time and could find just the right picture to get me going.

Oh that glance

Shots Fired

I do have a weakness for brunettes with electric blue eyes.

Tell me if you liked the latest cum tribute by tweeting @HeroicFanBoy special one for fans of Grace Phipps @ me with a picture you would have preferred and we can discuss it.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

CELEB GOO: Molly Quinn Fake Gets Cum Tribute

Not all of you may be familiar with the photoshop manipulations aka Fakes of celebrities out there. For me I think they started out in the wilder days of the Internet where sites were driving traffic to themselves claiming to have fakes of all the favourite young celebrities in the hope of keeping them around to go check out their real content or to subscribe to their premium content. 

Now that the world has moved on and far more amateurs are training with photoshop and the like there are a lot more fakes out there a sizeable minority of which are really well done so I wouldn't be surprised if some of you out there like me had your favourite fake of a certain celebrity. 

The thing that surprised me most though recently is just how many fakes there are of actress Molly Quinn known for her role in Castle, seriously I have found dozens and dozens of her and always seem to see one or more new ones when I take the time to look so I figured it was about time I left my mark on one of my favourite depictions of the blue eyed, red haired goddess. Check it out below.

A man can dream

Dream a well aimed wet dream

So there it is my cum tribute for a fake of Molly Quinn, if you liked it maybe leave a comment or get in touch with me through the following Social Media if perhaps you too have a favourite celeb flame haired or otherwise that you'd like to see tributed.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

CELEB GOO: Ellary Porterfield Cum Tribute

Ellary Porterfield is an actress known for appearing on YouTube channel RocketJump and for starring in Video Game High School. That was the show that I noticed her on and instantly fell for her, I love redheads and though she sits on the honey blonde border I include her in that group. I had been waiting ages to do a tribute for her but finally got a new ink cartridge out so had to print out a photo and get to work.

Do you have any favourite redhead actresses?
Answers in the comments.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Morgan Lee Is My Kind Of Girl

Morgan Lee is a rather gorgeous Asian Pornstar who I just happened to find while conducting some research.

So let's check out some choice videos showing what she does best.

First up is this massage parlour setting videos that was I saw a lot of when I was looking at CFNM stuff awhile ago. It does have something about it.

And this next one is where it gets a little crazy as the tiny Asian takes on 10 well endowed guys leading to a rather sticky end as you will see.

So what did you think? Feel free to comment on Morgan or talk about your own favourite pornstars in the comments.


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